Effects of Panax ginseng extracts prepared at different steaming times on thermogenesis in rats

Panax ginseng (PG) has a long history of use in Asian medicine because of its multiple pharmacological activities. It has been considered that PG in a type of white ginseng may induce undesirable thermogenic effects, but not in a type of red ginseng. However, there is a lack of evidence about correlation between ginsenoside and thermogenesis.

Fermented ginseng, GBCK25, ameliorates hemodynamic function on experimentally induced myocardial injury

In the present study, we investigated whether treatment of GBCK25 facilitated the recovery of hemodynamic parameters, left ventricle systolic pressure, left ventricular developed pressure (±dp/dt max) and electrocardiographic changes. GBCK25 significantly prevented the decrease in hemodynamic parameters and ameliorated the electrocardiographic abnormality. These results indicate that GBCK25 has distinct cardioprotectective effects in rat heart.