Rapid characterization of ginsenosides in the roots and rhizomes of by UPLC−DAD−QTOF−MS/MS and simultaneous determination of 19 ginsenosides by HPLC–ESI–MS

Ginsenosides are the characteristic and principal components which manifest a variety of the biological and pharmacological activities of the roots and rhizomes of Panax ginseng (GRR). This study was carried out to qualitatively and quantitatively determine the ginsenosides in the cultivated and forest GRR.

Development of a SNP Marker for Specific Authentication of Korean ginseng’s ( Meyer) New cultivar “G-1”

Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) one of the well-known medicinal plant of Oriental medicine that is still in practice. A total of 11 Korean ginseng cultivars with unique features to Korean ginseng have been developed until now based on pure line selection method. Among them, a new cultivar namely G-1 with different agricultural traits related to yield and content of ginsenosides was developed in 2012.